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  1. Angela
    Apr 18 - 2:31 pm

    I just bought it. Looks like a great app. I’m adding this along with my Basis monitor. Those should really give me alot of data to find patterns.

    I just wish the FibroMapp had jaw/face pain listed. Since many of us deal with TMJ and/or Trigeminal Neuralgia.

    • Angela
      Apr 18 - 3:47 pm

      Oops! I spoke too soon. You CAN change the settings to personalize areas of pain.

      • Alyssa Reid
        Apr 19 - 2:32 pm

        Yep! The app can be personalised to fit exactly your needs and requirements! :) Thank you for buying it. I hope it helps to make a difference for you.

  2. Shannon
    Apr 19 - 2:43 am

    I love this app. I use it every single day. I keep track of my sleep, meds and pain levels. However, journaling isn’t something I do very much. Why? Because typing long-ish entries is not as easy as typing here is. Imagine having to journal the way you text someone via your smart phone.

    So while the other features are certainly reasons to use this app daily, using the app to journal isn’t something I find useful (enough).

    • Angela
      Apr 19 - 7:54 am


      I just clicked on your blog. I love that poem!

    • Alyssa Reid
      Apr 19 - 2:35 pm

      I actually find the journal extremely helpful and helps me match up my pain to my sleep and what I have been doing the past few days etc. The thing is that flares can happen 24-72 hours AFTER the fact. Just being able to write in ‘gardening’ or ‘shopping’ or ‘feeling ok today’ is all it takes…it doesn’t need to be a diary of your life’s ins and outs! But to be able to look back and realise, ‘aha, I am in pain on Tuesday because I was gardening on Sunday…’ helps. Honest. x

  3. Natalie
    Apr 19 - 4:06 am

    I think I am going to try this out. Too often, symptoms get away from me before I realize what is happening, then go back and piece it together. Something happened recently that was bad, then a week later again, a week later then again, and I am just now fixing it when it could have been stopped.

    It is amazing to me, though, at the same time that anyone could hold it together enough consistently to do this. I tried keeping a daily diary. That lasted about two days and then I forgot about it for weeks. Just too blitzed. I kept charts well enough in the early years. Even though I am doing better now than I have in a long time, it seems mental fog is the worst. Any suggestions?

    • Natalie
      Apr 19 - 4:10 am

      And… never mind. It is an Android app. :) My reading comprehension is off these days as well apparently. Is there an equivalent Apple product, do you know?

      • Alyssa Reid
        Apr 19 - 2:36 pm

        We are anticipating the Apple version will be ready in the summer. The sooner the better as we know so many people are waiting for it!

        • Natalie
          Apr 21 - 7:27 pm

          I will keep an eye out! Thanks!

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