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Sensory Distress: The Other Side of Fibromyalgia

“If we lose sight of pleasures ... that intoxicate the senses in the most sensuous and beautiful and simplest of ways, then we've lost a lot." - Savannah Page Researchers have used heat, electricity, chemicals, and pressure to evoke pain in FM patients and controls, and in every study people with Read more [...]

“Comprehensive, Rigorous and Deep” – Is Stanford Going to Solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The Other Davis The ME/CFS community got some tough news recently with the AHRQ report finding fault with most ME/CFS diagnostic and treatment trials. We had some good news, too, when we saw a top immune researcher at a top lab, Derya Unutmaz, applying cutting edge technology to ME/CFS patients. Now Read more [...]

How to Kiss 200 Million Dollars Good-Bye – Report Decries State of ME/CFS Research

  Solve ME/CFS took its shot at the AHRQ report and it didn't pull any punches. The Solve ME/CFS review is notable because it was produced by an experienced researcher, Suzanne Vernon PhD, in collaboration with a Research Advisory Board that is made up of doctors, researchers, and industry leaders. (In Read more [...]

HIV, Heart Disease, Diabetes… and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The Unutmaz Project to Decode ME/CFS

Dr. Derya Unutmaz is one of those  researchers we want in the ME/CFS field;  he’s well-published, he’s an ace in immune system  functioning, he has his own laboratory, and he’s doing cutting  edge work.  Suzanne Vernon described meeting in San Francisco with Esther Dyson, a technology Read more [...]

Low Dose Naltrexone Report: Engineering LDN Effectiveness, Free App and the Conference

Engineering Better Health With Low Dose Naltrexone One Size Fits All Approach Fading “ We envision that the concepts presented in this paper will lead to novel individualized treatments where treatment dosages can be assigned by a mobile device at the disposal of the participant.” Dr. Jarred Read more [...]

AHRQ Report – Excluding Progress? The Exclusionary factors and Missing Studies

My assumption has been that the AHRQ knows what it’s doing and is doing its job well. That assumption is based on the fact that the AHRQ appears to be thriving as an institution. The AHRQ notes in its report, however, that “divergent and conflicted opinions are common” even among experts Read more [...]

Controversial Report Provides Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advocates Powerful Weapon For Change

“Because of limitations in the evidence base, we did not have high confidence in any of the findings from this review.” The reports from ME/CFS advocates are in. The AHRQ report is “appallingly bad”, “scientifically indefensible and irresponsible”, and is “fundamentally and irredeemably Read more [...]

“End ME/CFS” Mega Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Project Begins

Now this is exciting. The Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) has announced it has created and is raising funds for a huge "End ME/CFS" project.  They're looking for five million dollars a year to  fund it -- about double the NIH's current annual spending on all ME/CFS research. That's a really ambitious Read more [...]