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Report From San Fran III: Taking the Initiative – the Chronic Fatigue Initiative Reports

Taking the Initiative From Simmaron to Mt. Sinai to Dr. Montoya's Stanford group we've been more and more blessed with privately funded initiatives on ME/CFS in recent years, but no one is doing it on the scale of the Chronic Fatigue Initiative. Just two years after they showed up on the scene, Read more [...]

Report From San Francisco II: Dr. Komaroff’s Video Summary of the IACFS/ME Conference

Dr. Komaroff's summary of the IACFS/ME conference is always a highlight. Traditionally the last official presentation of the conference, Dr. Komaroff uses his decades of experience to put the findings of the conference into context. This is is the first time, to my knowledge, Dr. Komaroff's Read more [...]

Magnetic Effect: New Brain Technology Reduces Pain in Fibromyalgia

Numerous studies have found that altered activity in several parts of the brain correlates with pain and fatigue in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. rTMS, which uses a magnetic coil to alter brain activity levels, has  been found to improve the symptoms of a wide variety of neurological Read more [...]

Ten ME/CFS/FM Doctors – 1 Question: Health Rising’s Monthly Ask the Doctors Project Begins

Got an health issue you'd like ten of the most experienced ME/CFS/FM doctors on the planet to take a jab at? Here's your chance. Once  a month we will ask the community for  questions (make them tough ones!) regarding a personal health issue they would like answered. I or the Read more [...]

Pridgen Reports Fibromyalgia Antiviral Trial Results “Very Positive” : Predicts New Approach Will Be “Game-Changer”

"We ...feel this is a real game changer" Dr. Pridgen With 90% of the data from their big Fibromyalgia antiviral study in, Dr. William "Skip" Pridgen reported in  the Tuscaloosa News  that the results were 'very positive'. Pridgen enthusiastically stated, "We feel we are on the right track and feel Read more [...]

Tweeting the Stanford Symposium for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This was Dr. Montoya's chance to highlight the ME/CFS work being done at Stanford and it was impressive. Most of the researchers presenting today are brand spanking new to the field and they are producing results and they are excited.  The research being done at Stanford, one of the top medical Read more [...]

IOM’s Gulf War Illness Definition Report Is In: Implications for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The First 'Death Contract' Some advocates pointed to the IOM contract to produce a definition for Gulf War Illness IOM as what not to do in ME/CFS.  With no Gulf War Illness experts sitting on the panel, and with an unsatisfactory previous IOM Gulf War Illness report, fears were high that the Read more [...]

Persisting Without Exception: An Interview with Andrea Whittemore-Goad

Prelude Opinions about the Whittemore-Peterson Institute post-XMRV run the gamut from appreciation to anger.  In this prelude to the interview, which  is not about those issues, I offer up some thoughts. Every organization from the OMI to the CFIDS Association, from the Whittemore Peterson Institute Read more [...]