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Gut Infection Could Underlie Symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“We are cautiously optimistic regarding these results because, if confirmed, we may have identified a contributing factor to the innate immune issues associated with ME/CFS and a molecular target for potential treatment strategies.” - Lombardi et al. Over the past couple of years the Whittemore-Peterson Read more [...]

CFSAC Finally Becoming Relevant: Holds Special P2P Session Tomorrow

"I can put my fingers on 2,000 well-characterized patients. The work could be done, so why haven't we done that yet? Because  - every single one of the things I have just described - not one of them is receiving federal dollars." - Dr. Nancy Klimas - P2P Workshop The Federal Advisory Committee for Read more [...]

New Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Lab Opens: Jarred Younger Talks

“If we are successful, we may not only produce an objective test for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but we may also be able to develop more effective treatments for those disorders.” - Dr. Jarred Younger Jarred Younger dazzled attendees with his leptin and chronic fatigue syndrome Read more [...]

Health Rising Requests Your Assistance in Choosing a Logo

As part of our goal to create a more professional appearance Health Rising has engaged a logo designer to produce a logo. Please let us know which of the following logos you think would be the best for Health Rising. Please feel free, as well, to provide suggestions for changes with regards Read more [...]

Beating the Bloat: FODMAPS – the Best Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The holidays are over. If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), however, that holiday infusion of good, rich food may have left your gut bloated, gurgling, gassy, stopped up, or loosened up at some point. IBS is a complex disorder that researchers are still learning about, but they’re pretty Read more [...]

P2P Report Calls for Significant Expansion of NIH’s Commitment to ME/CFS But Tightening Needed

“We hope our work has dignified ME/CFS and those affected, while providing expert guidance to the NIH and the broader research community.” - P2P Executive Draft Summary The Pathways to Prevention Program (P2P) is an NIH program begun in 2012 that is tasked with identifying research gaps, methodological Read more [...]

Health Rising Looks Back and Forward : Our Yearly Update

Traffic 2014 was a very good year for Health Rising.  We put out well over two hundred blogs.  Web traffic went up about 70% and we're averaging over 4,000 page views a day. Over 5,000 people now subscribe to the blog. Without people reading and participating on the blogs this website Read more [...]

The Dark Places: Laura Hillenbrand on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pt. II

"To me your story - battling your disease as compelling as his (Louis Zamperini's) story" Bob Schieffer Two powerful pieces  - one a short interview with Laura on Face the Nation and another a long piece appearing several years earlier in Elle - demonstrate why Laura, with her very severe ME/CFS, Read more [...]