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Unfulfilled Expectations – Wyller’s Sustained Arousal Hypothesis Takes Another Hit

"Sustained Arousal" Wyller’s “sustained arousal” hypothesis proposes that a persistent stress response is causing many of the symptoms found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In particular,  Wyller believes this persistent stress response is mucking up autonomic nervous system functioning in the Read more [...]

Five Supplement Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Over the past fifteen  years I've spent thousands of dollars on supplements, most of which had absolutely no effect on my symptoms." Dr. Courtney Craig - Youtube video To take or not take supplements is a big question in disorders like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia where the list of Read more [...]

21st Century Cure? Fed Initiative Provides Hope For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Drugs

There are not too many subjects you can get Democrats and Republicans working together on, but finding cures for disease faster and more effectively is one of them.  Diana Degat, a Democrat from Colorado and Fred Upton, a Republican from Michigan are partnering together in an attempt to make the Read more [...]

Dopamine, the Basal Ganglia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #II – Treatments

This is the second blog to focus on Miller's recent basal ganglia findings in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. First  a  quick review of the first blog. Review  “Recent evidence indicates that the basal ganglia and dopamine (DA) may be primary targets of inflammatory cytokines leading to cytokine-induced Read more [...]

Depression in Adolescence – Is it Really Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Psychiatrist Theodore Henderson kept getting highly fatigued adolescents diagnosed with treatment resistant depression referred to him ...who did not meet the criteria for depression. Read why one Colorado psychiatrist believes many adolescents diagnosed with treatment resistant depression Read more [...]

“Gimme Some Loving”: Mindfulness in the Midst of Illness – The Last Best Cure #6

About ten years after being struck by an autoimmune disorder, science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa realized that, while traditional approaches (drugs) had kept her alive, hers was nevertheless a rather joyless, difficult existence.  Recent studies suggested that mindfulness practices might Read more [...]

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) – A Medical Food for Fibromyalgia and (ME/CFS)?

Pain Reliever, Anti-inflammatory, Microglial Inhibitor “However, a great body of evidence exists for PEA, comprising at least 40 clini­cal trials in around 6,000 subjects.  This body of evidence shows a positive risk/benefit ratio for PEA, warranting much wider use of this compound by the medical Read more [...]

Deciphering Post-Exertional Relapse in ME/CFS – The Cook Webinar

“This grant is the outcome of many years of talking to other scientists about ME/CFS and merging that information with other important findings.” It’s rare to find a study with so many interesting angles. The fact that it’s focused on post-exertional malaise (PEM) makes it all the more interesting. Dane Read more [...]