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The Czarista Has Landed: Vernon and Bateman to Form ME/CFS and FM Center

I am so excited and honored to partner with the Bateman Horne Center to establish a world-class research program that will bring science-based medicine to ME/CFS patients. Suzanne Vernon The Czarista has landed.  As promised Suzanne Vernon is back in the ME/CFS research field. She'll be working with Read more [...]

The CDC’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Program: Boon Or Bust? – A Review

(This is a lengthy blog. Now might be the time, if you haven't used them yet, to use the print or PDF buttons at the bottom of the blog) Recently a Senate Subcommittee zeroed out the entire budget of the CDC's CFS program for next year in an Appropriations bill. It's not clear why they did so, but Read more [...]

The Abundant Energy Summit on Chronic Fatigue

Niki Gratrix - a nutritionist who has blogged on gluten issues on Health Rising- has put together an almost week-long online "Abundant Energy Summit" focused on alternative approaches to chronic fatigue.  The summit reflects Niki's eclectic approach to ME/CFS and similar disorders which is focused Read more [...]

Aug 8th – Honoring the Struggle of the Severely Ill People with ME/CFS

'An M.E. patient feels effectively the same every day as an AIDS patient feels two weeks before death.' Mark Loveless, Infectious Disease Specialist. Today, August 8th is Severely Ill ME Day, a day created by the 25% ME Group to acknowledge, honor and bring to light the tremendous struggle severely Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Found Worse Than Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, etc.

Let's put aside questions of whether a disease is going to kill you or not and concentrate on what happens if it doesn't kill you. Let's say God said you had to have a chronic illness but he/she would allow you to choose which one to have. On what basis would you make that choice? My guess is that Read more [...]

How Fibromyalgia Got to Be the Worst Funded Disease at the NIH

Fibromyalgia gets about  double the funding of chronic fatigue syndrome, but of all the female dominated chronic illnesses found in the NIH's bottom forty in funding, only endometriosis gets lower funding per person (about $1/year).  In fact, per person affected ME/CFS receives five times funding Read more [...]

The NIH’s Blindspot: The Real Reason ME/CFS and FM Funding Stinks – Conclusion

The Bottom Forty at the NIH The first part of this blog series was focused on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Now, in an effort to understand why these disorders get such poor funding, the focus broadens to the bottom forty of the two hundred plus conditions and disease categories the NIH Read more [...]

The Real Reason Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Get Lousy Funding: Pt I

The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome's decades long funding problems have prompted much speculation and finger-pointing. If only the CDC had taken the Incline Village outbreak seriously, or if Stephen Strauss had never showed up at the NIH, or if Bill Reeves hadn't take over the CDC or if Fauci, Read more [...]