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Should the Feds Give Chronic Fatigue Syndrome A Pass On Rigor?

The tough criteria used by  the AHRQ panel to assess diagnostic and biomarker studies ended up eliminating well over 90% of ME/CFS studies from consideration.  That shocking result has lead some to suggest that the chronic fatigue syndrome field should be given something of a pass when it comes Read more [...]

Chapter Opens Up in Quest to Understand PEM in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Lights are ploughing new ground - not just in ME/CFS - but in how post-exertional malaise and fatigue occurs after exercise in humans (and, one must say mice.). In this third blog in a series of blogs exploring PEM and ME/CFS. we take advantage of a chapter in a book they wrote that explains how Read more [...]

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Brain on Exercise – Not a Pretty Sight

Deciphering Post Exertional "Malaise"  In the last blog we found that the “fatigue” in chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis (MS) were very different.  While exercise knocked the ME/CFS patients into a new sphere of suffering, it had only temporary and  moderate effects on the MS Read more [...]

A Breakthrough For ME/CFS? Dr. Unger on the CDC’s Multisite Studies

When all is said and done the CDC's multisite studies may end up being the biggest set of ME/CFS studies ever done. Covering the practices of seven ME/CFS experts they have the potential to alter how we diagnosis, test for and treat people with ME/CFS. Their promise is huge. In this Simmaron Research Read more [...]

A “Fatigue” Disorder No More? – What Multiple Sclerosis Taught Us About Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The "Fatigue" Disorders Multiple sclerosis (MS) ranks amongst the most fatiguing disorders known.  The most common symptom found in MS (75-95% of patients), fatigue is a major research topic with ten studies in the last five months featuring fatigue in their titles. Like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Read more [...]

Lipkin Project Gutting It Out

Ian Lipkin thinks the gut holds the key to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and who are we to disagree with him? ). His study will identify microbes that are associated with immune activation in ME/CFS, then find ways to knock them down using probiotics, antibiotics followed by probiotics, restriction Read more [...]

The Old School Resurfaces as P2P Workshop Takes Psychosocial Turn

"ME/CFS research and the care of ME/CFS patients will not be advanced through this dangerous sinkhole of examining trauma or lumping our already overly broad category into the shapeless mass of “fibromyalgianess.” Jennie Spotila - "P2P Agenda: What the Huh? The P2p workshop is coming up in early Read more [...]

Hypersensitive Processes: Are Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness Kissing Cousins?

Of all the disorders commonly allied with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity or Environmental Illness (EI) probably gets the least respect and certainly gets the least funding.  It was astonishing to hear Dr. Clauw, an FM doctor and researcher who has battled disparaging Read more [...]