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The Dark Places: Laura Hillenbrand on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pt. II

"To me your story - battling your disease as compelling as his (Louis Zamperini's) story" Bob Schieffer Two powerful pieces  - one a short interview with Laura on Face the Nation and another a long piece appearing several years earlier in Elle - demonstrate why Laura, with her very severe ME/CFS, Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Researcher Turns Pilot Study into Major Grant

Patrick McGowan's  epigenetic research started out as a small 24 person pilot project funded by the SolveCFS Initiative but it's not small any more. With the help of a $500,000 grant from the Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust, Patrick McGowan (and Dr. Lucinda Bateman) are now embarking Read more [...]

They Built It and They Are Coming: Effort Attracts New Researchers To ME/CFS Field

“Our intention is to evolve the SolveME/CFS BioBank™ into the most sought after resource for ME/CFS research in existence” In 2008, seeking to shift their focus to research, the then CFIDS Association of America (CAA) (now The SolveME/CFS Initiative) hired their first Research Director, Read more [...]

Long-time ME/CFS Researcher Wins Award

Just as we posted the results on Lenny Jason's potentially ground-breaking study  on creating a new definition, we learned  that he's just won a major award. Lenny Jason has played a important role in the growth and legitimization of  the ME/CFS field. It's hard  and more than a little depressing Read more [...]

New Era In Creating a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Definition Opens

“Future refinement of case definitions may wish to focus on requiring a small set of core symptoms such as post-exertional malaise, neurocognitive symptoms and possibly unrefreshing sleep”. Jason et.  al. Background There’s something right about doing a birthing a definition blog on Christmas. Read more [...]

Christmas Time for Microbe Discovery in ME/CFS

"I think that the microbiome is going to be where the action is [in ME/CFS]" - Ian Lipkin What do the Director of the NIH, Francis Collins PhD, the P2P Panel,  and Ian Lipkin MD, virus hunter extraordinaire, all have in common? They all believe studying the microbiome living in our guts is a high Read more [...]

Laura Hillenbrand is Not the ME/CFS Communities Bitch!

Got your attention? Jennie Spotila's recent blog "Laura Hillenbrand is Not Your Bitch" certainly got mine. Quite a few people  were upset  that chronic fatigue syndrome was not referred to in a recent TV interview. Some people want to Laura to advocate  for ME/CFS more.  Some people view Read more [...]

Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand Talks About ME/CFS

Millions will flock to see Unbroken, the film, when it's released on Christmas day.  The book, of course, was written by Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Seabiscuit, who has had a severe and decades-long case  of chronic  fatigue syndrome. It presents a huge opportunity for the public to Read more [...]