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Bugs, Hormones and Guts: the ME/CFS/FM Experts Panel Weighs In On Carly

The ME/CFS/FM Experts Panel is back! The panel is a group of ME/CFS/FM doctors who've agreed to look over a patients case in detail and provide their recommendations. It was Carly's turn this time. It's not fun being Carly right now - and it hasn't been fun for quite a while.  She was completely Read more [...]

On the Path: Dan Moricoli’s Remarkable Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story

Dan Moricoli's Story I love Dan Moricoli’s story for a couple of reasons. For one, it demolishes the idea that chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) occurs to malingerers or “weak” people or people who somehow don’t fit in our modern world.  A business owner, internet marketer, motorcycle racer, Read more [...]

“An Immune Mediated Brain Disorder”: Mady Hornig and Llewellyn Kin

“I think of ME/CFS as one of these (immune-mediated) brain disorders” Llewelyn King has done over 70 ME/CFS Alert video’s and for his 73rd he interviewed Dr. Mady Hornig. It was a timely interview given the recent immune study she and Ian Lipkin recently published. See Your Clock Was (Is) Read more [...]

The Health Rising ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Forums Are Here!

It's finally happened. The Health Rising ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Forums are open for business. We (Stavya and I) actually started working on them well over a year ago. Why did it take so long? We scoured the market for ways to improve the Forums and settled on some add on's that Read more [...]

Health Rising’s ME/CFS and FM Forum Plus Package is Open!

 Containing sections that allow you to review doctors, treatments, view recovery stories, identify resources, add and view video's, create bookmarks, browse a Prohealth store, pick your own theme (I'm running out of breath) - we can confidently say they're the most effective and complete Forum package Read more [...]

Solve ME/CFS Takes the Initiative and Tasha Tells Her Story

The extensive publicity the IOM report received is changing things. Check out what Dennis Mangan recently noticed.. "I am amazed (and delighted) at how many people I meet who NOW have heard of CFS/ME (SEID)!   Beyond public awareness, internal (government) awareness of CFS/ME will increase too. Now, Read more [...]

The Outsider: Jason Takes Aim at the IOM Report – Again

Lenny Jason has taken the IOM Report " "Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Redefining an Illness" to task in two published articles. In his first article, Jason decried the restrictions the IOM process put on collaboration. He argued that the process of creating a new name Read more [...]

Mystery Diagnosis: A Cold, A College Student, A Collapse and the New York Times

"At first it was hard for her to get her mind around the fact that a simple virus could do so much to her." New York Times article The New York Times has a clever feature every month called "Diagnosis" where a doctor presents a mystery illness and asks readers to guess what it is. The latest involved Read more [...]