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Orthostatic Intolerance, Pain and the Mitochondria in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Dr. Newton Talks

Highlights from Dr. Newton’s Video on Blood Flow “I would suggest that abnormalities of the autonomic nervous system are the underpinning phenomena that explain most if not all of the symptoms that people with ME experience.” Dr. Julia Newton Orthostatic Intolerance Dr. Julia Newton started Read more [...]

The Cortisol, PEM and Stress Management Link in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stress management skills, cortisol awakening response, and post-exertional malaise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Daniel L. Hall a,∗, Emily G. Lattie a, Michael H. Antonia, Mary Ann Fletcherb, Sara Czajac, Dolores Perdomoc, Nancy G. Klimasb. Psychoneuroendocrinology (2014) 49, 26—31  “Given Read more [...]

High Muscle Acid Accumulations in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Reversible

Twenty Times Speaking matter-of-factly and calmly in the impeccably enunciated English (we only find in the English), Dr. Newton started off the muscle metabolism video stating:  “When we’ve asked people with ME to exercise while we’re measuring the accumulation of acid in their muscles, Read more [...]

Autoimmune Research Opening Up New Options for Chronic Pain Sufferers

A Different Kind of Pain That the immune system might play a major role in producing pain might seem obvious. Inflammation, swelling, and the symptoms of ‘sickness behavior’ including muscle and joint pains are all produced by the immune system when we catch a cold. Even in Fibromyalgia Read more [...]

Methylation, Post-exertional Malaise, Disproportionate Immune Responses and Unique Science -the Solve ME/CFS Webinar Series Begins

A Unique Biobank - and Its  Work The Solve ME/CFS Initative's webinar series is back. Their research director, Suzanne Vernon, Ph.D, will start the series off with an update on the SolveCFS research efforts and the SolveCFS's 'unique' Biobank. The SolveCFS Biobank was one of the first biobanks Read more [...]

“How Stress Becomes Pain in Fibromyalgia” Pt. II: the Autonomic Nervous System

“The Autonomic Nervous System is the interface between the mind and body.” - Martinez-Lavin This is the second in our series of blogs overviewing Doctor Martinez-Lavin’s short primer “Fibromyalgia:  How Stress Becomes Real Pain”.  (Note that Dr. Martinez-Lavin has a very specific view Read more [...]

Measuring Blood Volume in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – the Daxor Way

“For the first time, physicians have access to technology which enables them to obtain blood volume measurement rapidly and with a high degree of precision.” - Daxor Corporation Some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)  have been doing a bit more travel lately. It used to be that Read more [...]

A Muscle Brain Connection in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Revealed

People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have weakened muscles and, let's face it, weakened brains as well. They can't exercise worth a darn and their ability to focus, to process information quickly and to retain it, is shall we say, blunted. One would think those two problems are not  related, Read more [...]

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