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Unleashing Suzanne Vernon? Vernon Steps Down As SMCI Research Director

Less than two weeks ago Solve ME/CFS Initiative President Carol Head made an impassioned plea for $250 million in ME/CFS research funding.  Yesterday, while stating this is an "exceptional time" for ME/CFS research, the SMCI announced that it's longtime Research Director, Suzanne Vernon is leaving Read more [...]

“If You Had a Hammer” – What Would You Do? A Health Rising Inquiry

"If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, All over this land" Pete Seeger and Lee Hays People with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are by definition limited in how much they can do. Many are too limited to take on anything extra. Others have some energy Read more [...]

“Proto-Fibromyalgia” Causing Major Distress

Fibromyalgia is considered the quintessential pain syndrome. The pain is unrelenting, difficult to treat and isn't caused by some obvious structural defect. A Michigan research group following arthritis patients undergoing hip or knee replacement or remodeling has found you don’t need to Read more [...]

P2P Report on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Delayed After Irregularities Found

Jennie Spotila has stopped the publication of the Pathways to Prevention report on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (!) Actually she's just paused it. During her sleuthing (which included filing a Freedom of Information Act) Jennie found that many of the public comments were Read more [...]

Resilience and Chronic Pain: Stanford Researcher Looking for Survey Participants

Dr. Drew Sturgeon, is a post-doctoral fellow and neuropsychologist at Stanford University conducting a study into resilience and chronic pain.  Sturgeon would like to know why some people with high amounts of pain are able to stay productive while others cannot.  Stanford has one of the most Read more [...]

Simmaron Spinal Fluid Study Finds More “Immune Exhaustion” in ME/CFS

In the most comprehensive study of immune factors in the cerebral spinal fluid ever done in ME/CFS, Mady Hornig and Ian Lipkin reported finding dramatic differences in ME/CFS patients. The results of the Simmaron Research Foundation /Chronic Fatigue Initiative study suggested that an extensive immune Read more [...]

Big Studies – Big Possibilities: Montoya and Unger on Their Big Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Projects

Dr. Unger and Dr. Montoya are in the middle of some of the biggest studies ever produced in chronic fatigue syndrome.  They talked about their respective programs on the PCOCA call about a month ago. Here is what my scrambled notes indicated they said. Dr. Elizabeth Unger The Multi-Center ME/CFS Read more [...]

Barriers Falling: Psychiatrist Slams Pace Trial, Proposes Antivirals for ME/CFS

"Antiviral therapy may be a powerful tool in the fight against SEID". Dr. Thomas Henderson Doctors on Missions Dr. Thomas Henderson and Dr. William Pridgen are on similar missions. They're both asserting doctors in their respective fields are missing the boat. Henderson, a psychiatrist, asserts Read more [...]