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Being Patient… and Excited: The Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine’s Patient Day

The Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine's annual patient conference  occurred a month or so ago. It brought news of some exciting growth in a program that's taking a comprehensive approach to developing new treatments for ME/CFS. The blog comes from my sometimes hard to read notes. At times Read more [...]

Is Fibromyalgia A Mitochondrial Disorder?

We tend to think of fibromyalgia as a central nervous system disease but that focus has tended to obscure the growing evidence of problems in the body. We don’t tend to think of fibromyalgia as an inflammatory disorder. It's true that overt signs of inflammation are rarely found in people with Read more [...]

Gaining Ground: Influential Magazine Touts Seriousness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"The fatigue that affects ME/CFS patients is as different from regular, end-of-the-day tiredness as Ebola is from the common cold." O'Rourke Getting published in the New Yorker is the holy grail for many writers.  It's legendary commitment to rigorous and well-formed journalism has made it the elite Read more [...]

The Clock Was (Is) Ticking: Major Study Suggests ME/CFS is Hit and Run Disorder

“This study delivers what has eluded us for so long: unequivocal evidence of immunological dysfunction in ME/CFS and diagnostic biomarkers for disease” W. Ian Lipkin Distinct plasma immune signatures in ME/CFS are present early in the illness. Hornig. M. Monotoya, J, Levine, S., Felsenstein, Read more [...]

Powerful New York Times Op-ed Strikes Blow For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The New York Times is the most influential paper in the English speaking world. It gets hundreds of op ed applications a day, and it just chose to publish a powerful, powerful editorial on chronic fatigue syndrome. Coming on the tails of the Institute of Medicine report Julie Rehmeyer, a journalist Read more [...]

A New Name For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The Community Weighs In

About 4500 people saw the survey and about 550 took it. The survey consisted of a ranking mechanism that allowed the participants to rank their favorite names from first to last. The survey tool from Gravity Forms  then produced an aggregate score. Survey Round I ME was the clear winner with Ramsey's Read more [...]

When Touch Hurts: An Allodynia Overview

No Useful Purpose Allodynia is a particularly nasty and mysterious problem. One of the first things to get about allodynia is that it serves no useful purpose. Other types of pain serve to protect an injured area but there’s nothing protective about a condition that causes results in the touch of Read more [...]

Dr. Montoya Talks – With the CDC – On ME/CFS

The CDC is having a public call-in session on Monday, Feb 23rd. First Dr. Unger will talk and then Dr. Jose Montoya of Stanford.  (See the schedule below). Everybody is invited. It's not a call to be missed. Dr. Unger and the CDC First Dr. Unger will talk on what the CDC has going on - and Read more [...]