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“I Think I Have A Meditation Disability” : The Last Best Cure #IV

“I think I have a meditation disability” Donna Jackson Nakazawa Donna’s going to start her year of using mind/body techniques and acupuncture to return joy to her life (and hopefully improve her health) with an 8-week mindfulness-based-stress-reduction (MBSR) course. First, though, she’s Read more [...]

Fermenting Health: How A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient Reversed Decades of Gut Problems – From Home

Audrey's Story In 1984 I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus after sudden onset of symptoms and tested positive for herpes zoster and Coxsackie.  I suffered severe gut issues (candida from years of antibiotics, acid reflux, cramping, bloating) as well as severe brain fog that I have lived with Read more [...]

Stanford Geneticist Suggests Unusual Type of Epstein-Barr Virus May Be Triggering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The renowned Stanford geneticist, Ron Davis Phd, who's son Whitney has a very serious case of ME/CFS has opened a research foundation at Stanford to find answers to ME/CFS.  He's als0, on the foundations Facebook page, supplying answers to one question a week  from the ME/CFS community. He's Read more [...]

Repurposing II: A Natural Killer Cell Enhancing Drug and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In conclusion, our findings indicate that mifepristone may play a pivotal role in the control of inflammatory responses and suggest a new clinical application for mifepristone -- Chen et. al Natural Killer Cells In the last blog we looked at the potential for an antibiotic called minocycline to Read more [...]

Drug Repurposing I: Antibiotics to Reduce Microglial Activation in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia?

Minocycline: far beyond an antibiotic. N Garrido-Mesa, A Zarzuelo and J Gálvez. British Journal of Pharmacology (2013) 169 337–352 337 DOI:10.1111/bph.12139. Tetracyclines and Neuromuscular Disorders. Daniele Orsucci1,*, Michelangelo Mancuso, Massimiliano Filosto and Gabriele Siciliano. Current Read more [...]

Cheaper, Safer, Better: the Herbal Approach To Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

My general conception of herbs is has been that they’re what you grow in your garden. Yes, they can be helpful with illness, but mostly around the edges. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, spend hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a drug. If you’re really sick – you’re Read more [...]

Strange Immune Findings Reported in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In  a presentation to an NIH conference on translating research results into clinical practices, the scientific director of the Simmaron Research Foundation, Dr. Isabel Barao, will present a paper suggesting something very strange may be going on in ME/CFS patients' immune systems.   Her Read more [...]

Turning Stress into Pain: A Fibromyalgia Primer by Dr. Martinez-Lavin Pt I – Pain

A Mexico City doctor and researcher, Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin, has been studying and treating people with Fibromyalgia for over thirty years. In a 2009 paper he proposed two pathways for Fibromyalgia. One suggested that over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system fibers (sprouting) Read more [...]