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The Ketamine Question in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stephanie was fine until one day at age 22 she turned to pick up something in the shower and experienced a lightning pain in her back. She had no idea what was ahead of her. An examination indicated she had the jagged and brittle spinal column of an 80-year old woman: unbeknownst to her she had severe Read more [...]

Synergizing Health? The K Pax Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study Results are In…

The preliminary results from the K Pax Synergy trial are in. Run at four centers across the country, this  placebo-controlled, double-blinded 120 person trial combined a central nervous system stimulant (methyphenidate/Ritalin) with a nutrient formula. The idea was that as the stimulant boosted Read more [...]

High Rates of Gynecological Disorders Implicated in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The first intimations that chronic fatigue syndrome might be associated with gynecological issues  came early in the history of the disorder.  In 1988 Dr. Komaroff co-authored a paper finding increased gynecological complications (endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, Read more [...]

Mendus! Patient Initiated Treatment Trials Open New Possibilities

The aim of Mendus is to bring research within reach of those who need it.” Joshua Grant Hey, when the powers that be aren't helping out, you innovate.  You find new ways to do things. You break new ground. You fill needs. Largely shut out of the medical mainstream the ME/CFS and FM communities Read more [...]

Shining A Light: The End ME/CFS Projects Severely Ill Patient Study

The severely ill…..They are the most baffling, disturbing and potentially illuminating subset of ME/CFS patients found. Baffling It’s hard to even read some of their stories. Their degree of debilitation can be mind-boggling. At their worst they can be totally bedbound, shuttered in darkness Read more [...]

Study Suggests Increased B-12 and Folate Could Help in ME/CFS

(If you came to this page from Facebook my apologies for the circuitous route to the blog. You have to click on one more link to get to the blog...Facebook blocked our link to the blog on the Forums) The Gottfries Clinic in Sweden is a bright spot in Scandanavia. With it's six doctors it Read more [...]

Finding Its Feet: the Open Medicine Institute and Foundation Strides Forward

Vision was never the question with the Open Medicine Institute (OMI). They've always dreamed bigger than anyone else. They had vision in spades. The question was always follow through. Would they be able to make good on that big vision? Slowly but surely, they’re starting to, and they’re Read more [...]

Eye-Opening Finding: Small Fiber Neuropathy Found in Fibromyalgia Patients Eyes

 "These results reinforce the proposal of fibromyalgia as a neuropathic pain syndrome. Our results also show that fibromyalgia patients have multiple autonomic dysfunction symptoms." Authors The destruction of small nerve fibers in the skin of fibromyalgia patients (small fiber neuropathy - SFN) Read more [...]