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Coping with ME/CFS Will Always Be Hard – But There Are Ways to Make it a Little Easier

(Anne writes on how she copes with  a very severe form of ME/CFS. Check out Anne's story: From International Traveller to 43 sq. Meters here and her other blogs here.  I added the images and captions - Cort) Insight and Practice .... A Lot of Practice We are all waiting for effective treatment Read more [...]

From International Traveler to 43 Square Meters: An ME/CFS Story From Sweden

(Anne's is a difficult story but it's a good story in a way because it demonstrates the full force  of this illness. Anne's story is reminiscent  of Jenn Brea, Jamison Hill and Mary Dimmock's son's stories. Each was a young adult with not just a good but perhaps an extraordinary life ahead of them, Read more [...]

The Under Financed ME/CFS Research Field, Pt II: Why it Takes 20 Years to Get 1 Year’s Research Done

As things stand right now, one could say that it takes 20 years to get 1 year’s worth of ME/CFS research done. Why? Because the level of funding allocated for ME/CFS research is 20 times lower than that of comparable diseases. See “The Underfinanced ME/CFS Research, Pt I - Facts and figures Read more [...]

The Underfinanced ME/CFS Research Field Pt I: The Facts… Plus “What Can We Do? “

(Thanks to Anne for providing this eye-opening guest blog on the funding situation facing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Anne has pledged to donate her share of any blog donations to ME/CFS research. Part II of Anne's series on ME/CFS funding will appear shortly) Find out more about Anne here Read more [...]