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ACT NOW: Just Say NO to Funding Cuts for ME/CFS Research

ALERT: Senate Cuts CDC's funding for CFS to Zero, gutting 50% of federal research funding for ME/CFS NO Funding Cuts:  One Clear, Consistent Demand for Equal Funding By Robert and Courtney Miller and Cort Johnson While patients advocate for Equal Funding for ME/CFS research, the Senate Appropriations Read more [...]

Update on Email Campaign for Equal Funding

Emails Seek Equal NIH Funding for ME/CFS:  213 so far! Patients have kicked off the email campaign for Equal Funding at NIH with a bang!  At least 213 emails have been sent to Secretary of Health Sylvia Burwell and Dr. Francis Collins, Director of National Institutes of Health, since last Tuesday. Read more [...]

Campaign for Equal ME/CFS Funding at the NIH!

The Power of the P2P and IOM: Pressure Builds for NIH To Increase Research Funding for ME/CFS Two scientific reports in two months by experts independent of the ME/CFS field say the same thing: "The committee stresses that more research is urgently needed." A window of opportunity has opened. Now Read more [...]

Hearing Requested for Denial of Treatment For ME/CFS

 Take Action       Patients Needed:               PART 1: Instructions to Take Action  To All ME/CFS –S.E.I.D. Patients, Family and Friends, As most patients know the IOM and NIH P2P have released some positive findings in our disease. While there Read more [...]

Madame Secretary Meet the ME/CFS Community: The $50 Million Dollar Research Funding Campaign Pt. II

ME/CFS ACTION: A new Secretary of Health is about to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Sylvia Mathews Burwell is currently the Director of White House Office on Management and Budget, and she is known as effective and numbers oriented. She is also closer to President Obama than Secretary Sebelius. Let's Read more [...]

ME/CFS Patients Call To Action: Advocates Call for FDA to Hold ‘Real’ FDA Stakeholder’s Meeting

ATTENTION ME/CFS COMMUNITY We the "FDA Team" are asking you to send the message below to the FDA and to listed members of Congress. The recent patient-focused drug development meeting held by the FDA was a start - but only a start. The FDA stated that their goal was to support treatments Read more [...]

Oh No! ME/CFS Community MIA Thus Far on Historic Opportunity: FDA Drug Development Workshop Needs Your Comments!

(This is unusual...the ME/CFS community has been so good at supporting  advocacy efforts that it's shocking when it doesn't happen. Last December, for instance, the ME/CFS Community so swamped the FDA during the Ampligen Advisory hearing that they broke the FDA's servers.  Now, the patient input Read more [...]

FDA Stakeholder Workshop in Trouble? FDA Disavowal of ME/CFS Expert Sows Concern

The FDA has somehow missed the fact that Dr. Daniel Peterson is an ME/CFS expert clinician/researcher. For over 30 years now, Dr. Peterson has been treating ME/CFS patients in Incline Village, Nevada, with a variety of treatments. Earlier today ME/CFS patients were told that FDA has not invited Dr. Read more [...]