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More Musing on Malaise

If ‘malaise’ doesn’t adequately describe my dreadful condition after too much exertion, it does fit another consequence of ME/CFS. After so many years of trying to pace myself successfully (whatever that means, since my over-taxed level seems to change from week-to-week or even day-to-day), Read more [...]

Weighing in on ‘Malaise’

So The Institute of Medicine has complicated and expanded the terminology wars with its recent report suggesting Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease as a more accurate name.  I don’t like it much more than I don’t like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I recognize the value of the report’s major Read more [...]

The Hillenbrand Dilemma

I am surprised by my ambivalent response to the current media attention paid to Laura Hillenbrand. I found her book “Unbroken” riveting; I don’t read much non-fiction, but I loved the way Hillenbrand adopted fiction-like techniques to tell this story. She incorporated such a wealth of Read more [...]

An Emergency Room Visit – A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle #22

How Do I Know What’s Wrong, When I Always Have CFS? The recent headaches started about two weeks before the stomach pain. My head seemed filled with cat litter. A woozy scratchy aching, either all over at once or in selected locations, on top, in back, in front. A bit of blurry vision. One Read more [...]

The Methylation Mambo

I’ve been reading about the “Glutathione Depletion – Methylation Cycle Block Pathogenesis Hypothesis for CFS” since forever, it seems, and finally did the MTHFR test. Result: a  homozygous mutation in  the C677T gene (two copies of the C677T mutation) as well as a deficient status for glutathione. Read more [...]

Getting Older: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient Faces a Difficult Decision

It’s the Bones, Stupid The endocrinologist and gynecologist both gasped at the results of my latest bone density scan. “If you don’t do something, you’ll wind up in a nursing home soon,” warned  the endocrinologist. They insist that I take either Prolia or Reclast, heavy duty medications Read more [...]

Ennui . . . and Spring

I suppose I’m depressed, but it’s not the slam-bang suck-out-my-soul torture of the early illness days when I choked inside my own Pigpen-like dust storm. I have my distractions. I can laugh out loud at the satire of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” and “Silicon Valley”. Read more [...]

Is It Time To Give Up Trying Pt. II: Breaking the Addiction for a Cure

"I do not hope for a cure or a radical positive change in my condition; instead I believe in the possibility of pleasurable moments." Carol Lefelt I am overwhelmed by the large number of responses to my last piece about reaching the age of 70 and feeling that it might be time to stop my quest for Read more [...]