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NIH Spending on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ….Increases in 2013

(Thanks to Jennie Spotila for her advocacy work and  letting Health Rising reprint her blog  on NIH funding.  Jennie presents some good news - an actual increase in funding at the NIH in 2013 - and for good grants by good investigators. It wasn't a huge increase and we're not nearly where we Read more [...]

‘Behind Closed Doors’ – Jennie Spotila Uncovers Another ‘Secret’ Government Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Project

(Here we go again? Just months after Jennie Spotila uncovered the mess that was the IOM contract, she reports another ME/CFS project is going on behind closed doors. Once again the principals aren't talking.  Ironically the government is starting to spend some money on chronic fatigue syndrome, Read more [...]