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The Big Lightning Process Trial Begins – What Do You Think?

The Lightning Process understandably raises hackles in the ME/CFS community.  Phil Parker is viewed as a charlatan by some and an impediment to the hard science needed to understand this disorder by others.  The LP's  notoriety, it's rapid spread to many countries, and the fact that some people Read more [...]

Antivirals, Immune Support, the Pridgen Study and Testing: Kristin Loomis Talks Pt. II

Treatment Chimerix, the manufacturer of the herpesvirus drug, brincidofovir (formerly known as CMX001), recently went public and the guess is that they're very confident about getting FDA approval. On your alternative treatments page you note brincidofovir appears to be 100x's more powerful that Read more [...]

Bringing Order to Chaos: Health Rising’s FibroMapp App For Better Health

Doesn't trying to get better seem like it's  all too much at  times? There are meds and supplements, activity levels, sleep, self-care, food, maybe meditation/mindfulness activities, naps, exercise to consider.  Then you have your natural fluctuations to account for. Sometimes it seems Read more [...]

Minding Your Mitochondria: Dr. Terry Wahls on a Brain Repair Regimen That Returned Her to Health

As a former Tae Kwan Doe national champion, Dr. Terry Wahls knew what it was like to be supremely fit. In 2000, though, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease without a cure, and her future looked bleak.  Going to the best MS center in the country and taking the latest drugs provided Read more [...]

Major Antiviral Trial Underway in Fibromyalgia Could Open Up Treatment Possibilities

Fibromyalgia, not chronic fatigue syndrome, is going be the recipient of the first large, multi-center antiviral treatment trial. In an entirely new approach to FM, Dr. Skip Pridgen is using a novel two-drug approach, to smother the herpesviruses he believes are causing the disorder (and ME/CFS Read more [...]

Ken Lassesen on Changing the Gut Ecosystem With Probiotics

Changing the Gut Flora II (Recovered ME/CFS patient Ken Lassesen relates his understanding of probiotics and gut bacteria. He is not a doctor. Please consult with your doctor before making any changes in your diet or supplement regimen.) Changing your gut flora is actually not easy.  Think of Read more [...]

High Heart Rates and Low Blood Flows: the Visser Video Series on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Continues

In the fifth web seminar produced by the ME/CFS Association in the Netherlands is by Dr. Visser, a Dutch cardiologist. He takes on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). POTS refers to an overly rapid increase in the heart rate that occurs upon standing.  POTS, which was first described Read more [...]

Think You’d Want to be an ‘Index Patient’? Think Again! Corinne at Dr. Peterson #10

Intro: As I'm writing this it's already Sept and I'm on another road trip to see Dr. Peterson. Four months have gone by since the visit you are  to read about below. In the interim it’s been a whirlwind – no, a tornado! - of medical activity since my last visit in May… My treatment regimen Read more [...]