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What’s Wrong With ME? Autoimmunity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diet: One Person’s Story

"When you're sick the act of living is more act than living" Meghan O'Rourke Meghan O'Rourke's piece in the Aug. 26th, 2013, issue of the New Yorker "What's Wrong with ME": "I had an autoimmune disease... then the disease had me" is about her struggles with an autoimmune disorder, not chronic fatigue Read more [...]

Keeping My Seat Belt Fastened: the Equilibriant Ride Continues – Me and Dr. Chia #3

(The roller-coaster ride continues as Christine meets up with a series of outside stressors that threaten to derail her progress as she heads back to Dr. Chia to figure out what to do next. Find more of Christine's blogs here.) May 2013 It has taken me 2 months to get to writing this post…My Read more [...]

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Part of an Inflammatory Disorders “Epidemic”?….Autism, Inflammation, Autoimmunity and ME/CFS

I remember thinking Rich Von Konynenburg had gone off his rocker when he proposed, years ago, that  autism and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) were somehow related.  Looking at autism's  severe cognitive, communication and emotional issues, the male gender bias, the vastly younger age of the Read more [...]