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Canary Singing: Jen Brea Portrays Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on News Channel

Canaries didn't warn coal miners that the air was bad by dying. It was when they stopped singing that miners knew the air was getting foul.  Jen Brea may be sick. but she's singing loud and clear about chronic fatigue syndrome in her film project. In an empathetic  video interview with Al Jazeera, Read more [...]

Jumpstarted: The Kickstarter Campaign Phase II: Making Real Their “Big Crazy Vision” For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is our moment - Jennifer Brea An extroardinary response from the ME/CFS community enabled the backers of the 'Canary in a Coal Mine' to meet their campaign in goal ($50,000) in just three days. That response knocked Jennifer Brea over - literally (see below) - but it exposed a flaw in her's and Read more [...]