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FDA Denial of Ampligen Exposes Out of Touch Agency; Hemispherx to Appeal

Hemispherx released a statement on Monday indicating the FDA had denied their application of Ampligen to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) because of lack of   'substantial' proof of efficacy and (rather ominously) because  they did not have enough data to assess safety concerns. The Read more [...]

Hunger Striker Decries FDA Denial of Only Medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Ask Secretary Sebelius to start NIH Clinical Trial of Ampligen Contact: Robert Miller 703-554-5575, Courtney Miller 631-834-4681 In day 8 of his hunger strike, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient Robert Miller decried the FDA’s decision (announced hours ago) to disapprove Ampligen, Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hunger Strike Effort to Approve Ampligen Hitting the News

The plight of the chronic fatigue syndrome community was given a sympathetic and moving portrayal in a TV news story in Reno  yesterday that featured Bob Miller and Dr. Janet Smith, another Ampligen recipient.  The news organization contacted both the FDA and Hemispherx regarding the story. Read more [...]

ME/CFS Advocate Begins Hunger Strike For Ampligen Approval

Bob Miller has been to the Vice President's office, he's had one and one meetings with the Director of the NIH, he's canvassed politicians on the Hill - he's thrown everything he can into the fight to get this disorder recognition - but this time, the issue - the probable FDA rejection of Ampligen Read more [...]

FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Pt: II: the VOTE and Aftermath

Check out Part I of this series ('FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen Pt I: Dueling Presentation Set Stage for Critical Vote') on the Simmaron Foundations Website here  The Vote While the FDA statistical team was highly critical of the drug, the FDA put together a Committee  that Read more [...]

The Year Ahead in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

We're stuck in the doldrums as the federal level with little funding and little support but that doesn't mean  stagnation. With several major studies wrapping up 2013  will be a very important year for this disorder. Check out some of the events and studies to look forward to this year. FDA Decision Read more [...]