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Dr. Pridgen’s Brief Report on the Results of the Antiviral Trial for Fibromyalgia

It's not too much to say that if successful, the Pridgen antiviral trial for Fibromyalgia would be a paradigm changer. Turning a difficult to treat 'central nervous system disorder' into a treatable (hopefully) herpesvirus infection disorder would be an amazing shift and it's not surprising that excitement Read more [...]

Pridgen Talks! About the Results of the His Antiviral Fibromyalgia Study

We expected the results from Dr. Pridgen's multi-center duo-drug antiviral Fibromyalgia study last month but not to worry. Pridgen showed up on a local news affiliate talking about the results and said they were impressive. Check out the man himself in the video below. For more on the Pridgen Read more [...]

Report From Paris: Little Used Antiviral Found Effective in Severely Ill Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

In a first for ME/CFS, at the HHV6 Conference in Paris Dr. Peterson reported a retrospective study indicated a little used anti-herpesvirus drug called Vistide significantly helpedĀ 70% of severely ill patients - with many able to return to work. With this unusually high success rate in this difficult Read more [...]