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The Folic Acid Controversy, MTHFR and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Folic Acid Story In the 1990’s, the US and UK mandated the enrichment of all grain products with folic acid in hopes of reducing the occurrence of neural tube defects. In the decades since neural tube defects have indeed declined yet little long term research has been done to determine the Read more [...]

Bringing Relief to Many: the B-12/Folate ME/CFS/FM Crowdfund Trial Begins – Peterson/Kogelnik on Board

Opportunities abound to make a difference in ME/CFS, but the Open Medicine Institute  (OMI) may have hit on the quickest way to do that for the most people.  Could a simple, inexpensive treatment provide more energy for many?What if an effective, relatively inexpensive and readily available Read more [...]

Everything I Needed to Know About Managing My Health I Learned at Disneyland

The patient didn’t know it, but she was just 60 seconds away from relief. Standing at the doorway to Dr. Goldstein’s office with some PLO-gel glistening from her forearm, she looked disappointed. Marie had been without significant sleep for days, her fibromyalgia and M.E. pain flaring to the Read more [...]