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A Mystery No Longer? The Big Picture Emerging In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Dr. Bateman Talks

Puzzle Pieces Coming Together “There have been some things that have really helped me … to move my thinking forward....The picture is coming together." Dr.. Bateman from a talk at OFFER Take the pieces of a big puzzle – piece a few together, scatter some of the rest on the floor, and then Read more [...]

Lighting Up the Exercise Problems in ME/CFS: the Lights and Dr. Bateman Featured in News Article

A budding Olympic skier moves to Salt Lake City, Utah  and collapses with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That's really rough for an Olympic hopeful -  but at least he falls apart where both Dr. Bateman and the Lights  -   two researchers who may be getting  at the causes of fatigue and post-exertional Read more [...]

Ten ME/CFS/FM Doctors – 1 Question: Health Rising’s Ask the Doctors Project Begins

Got an health issue you'd like ten of the most experienced ME/CFS/FM doctors on the planet to take a jab at? Here's your chance. Once a month we will ask the community for  questions (make them tough ones!) regarding a personal health issue they would like answered. I or the community Read more [...]