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New Eyes on ME/CFS: the 10th Invest in ME Conference

The 10th Invest in ME conference just finished up. Evidence of autonomic neuropathy, brain inflammation, hyperexcitable cortices and gene oddities showed up. A new window into what's happening in ME/CFS opened up, and a powerful new drug is being trialed. Find out about that and more from the 10th Read more [...]

Increasing Energy in Neuroimmune Disorders: The Klimas Patient Conference

"Cellular Energy and its Impact on Health" Dr. Klimas's annual patient conference on Saturday, Feb 7th is approaching fast. Titled  "Cellular Energy and its Impact on Health" this half-day conference features some fascinating talks. Two from the Klimas team will sum up eight years of effort focused Read more [...]

Call for Congressional Hearing on Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

(Yesterday we highlighted a Reuter's article that proposed that the lack of funding and drug development for ME/CFS constituted a 'market failure'. Today we hit back on this market failure with a call for a congressional hearing that asks why the FDA is not, in the face of strong Congressional pressure Read more [...]

The ANS, the Brain and Blood: The International Invest in ME ME/CFS Conference Overview

Invest in ME's annual conference always has  interesting speakers and Dr. Rosamund Vallings was there, as always to write up an overview. Check out Dr. Julia Newton on how autonomic nervous system problems may be the source of fatigue in many disorders, Dr. James Baraniuk on what happens to the Read more [...]

Report From San Fran V: Defining Moments – Dr. Leonard Jason on the House of Cards in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A talk on definitions might not seem to be the occasion for one of the more passionate and exciting presentations of the conference, but it was. Lenny Jason is convinced that getting the definition right is absolutely critical for the future of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and he's passionate about Read more [...]

Report From San Fran IV: Moving Forward – Exercise Findings Pointing To The Mitochondria

Central Findings Only maximal  (exercise to exhaustion) exercise tests reveal the problems with energy production  in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Weakened muscles that move the lungs may, because of oxidative stress/mitochondrial problems, be stopping people with ME/CFS from getting oxygen to Read more [...]

Report From San Francisco II: Dr. Komaroff’s Video Summary of the IACFS/ME Conference

Dr. Komaroff's summary of the IACFS/ME conference is always a highlight. Traditionally the last official presentation of the conference, Dr. Komaroff uses his decades of experience to put the findings of the conference into context. This is is the first time, to my knowledge, Dr. Komaroff's Read more [...]

Tweeting the Stanford Symposium for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This was Dr. Montoya's chance to highlight the ME/CFS work being done at Stanford and it was impressive. Most of the researchers presenting today are brand spanking new to the field and they are producing results and they are excited.  The research being done at Stanford, one of the top medical Read more [...]