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Australian Study Pinpoints Possible Gene Issues in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Key transducers of nociception and pain" Much of the activity in nerve cells is regulated by very small channels that regulate the flows of ions such as calcium, sodium and magnesium in or out of the cells. Given the central nervous system problems in ME/CFS and FM and the clear role ion channels Read more [...]

Adrenal or Brain Exhaustion? Darden’s ME/CFS and FM Cortisol Story

Darden returns to explain how she ended up a fixing a common problem in ME/CFS and FM - low cortisol levels and feelings of agitation and "wiredness".  Please note Darden is a patient, not a doctor.  "Adrenal Exhaustion" Adrenal exhaustion or fatigue is a term used in alternative medicine to describe Read more [...]

A Blueprint for Relief: the First National Pain Strategy Is Here

"Chronic pain is an unrecognized and under-resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impact" The 2011 IOM report "Relieving Pain In America" called undertreated chronic pain a human and economic crisis in America. The statistics suggest it is. Treating chronic pain Read more [...]

The Future Fibromyalgia Drugs? Pharmaceutical Source Predicts Four Drug Approvals in Coming Years

Pharmaceutical Processing predicts the market for fibromyalgia drugs will grow to 1.9 billion dollars a year by the 2023. The basis for their predictions are the introduction of generics for currently approved FDA drugs for FM and the introduction of four "new" drugs; two of which are reformulations Read more [...]

The Decline and Fall of an ME/CFS Researcher? the Case of Andrew Lloyd

An Uncommissioned Editorial Andrew Lloyd produced one of the most seminal series of studies in ME/CFS history. The Dubbo studies established that a wide variety of pathogens trigger ME/CFS in about ten percent of those infected. Stronger symptoms and high cytokine levels early in the illness appeared Read more [...]

“Reborn” – Reversing Fibromyalgia with Vagus Nerve Stimulation

"The results blew me away. I have never seen an effect as powerful as this." Dr. Benjamin Natelson The ‘vagus nerve’ is actually a bundle of different sized nerves. Aptly called the "wanderer", the tenth and longest cranial nerve enters the brain at the medulla (Look up) and extends down into the Read more [...]

The Awareness Edition: ME/CFS and FM International Awareness Day On Health Rising

International Awareness Day has been around for at least two decades. For those afflicted with ME/CFS and/or FM it's been a long and wild ride. For this anniversary of International ME/CFS and FM Awareness day Health Rising focuses on "awareness" with some facts and thoughts about ME/CFS and FM and Read more [...]

Update on Email Campaign for Equal Funding

Emails Seek Equal NIH Funding for ME/CFS:  213 so far! Patients have kicked off the email campaign for Equal Funding at NIH with a bang!  At least 213 emails have been sent to Secretary of Health Sylvia Burwell and Dr. Francis Collins, Director of National Institutes of Health, since last Tuesday. Read more [...]