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The Cheney Chronicles #3: One Year Later – Decision Time

As a patient of Dr. Cheney’s, I had access to his frequent emails discussing his thoughts and treatments regarding chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). In writing this article, I went back and read most of these emails.  For quite a few of them, I had to research the acronyms and spend lots of time Read more [...]

Social Exhaustion: An ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Dilemma

(Thanks to Sue for allowing Health Rising to repost her poignant blog on a frustrating and common problem for people with ME/CFS/FM and their families: when social interactions - even with loved ones - turn exhausting.) I love my extended family - but a weekend together is a marathon Read more [...]

Renewal and Relapse: An Anti-inflammatory Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Story

I had my coffee, read the paper, had another cup of coffee, read the computer and by 8:30 or so I was raring to go! Greg was a healthy and active professional until he woke up from a nap one ordinary day and could hardly move. A Sudden Illness My “life” with ME/CFS began when I was 54 in the Read more [...]

Depressing Consequences: The Infection Mood Disorder Connection Revealed

We know that many cases of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) start with an infection and that those infections result in what is called "sickness behavior".  The fatigue, pain, difficulty concentrating, problems with sleep and apathy found during an infection, are intended to force Read more [...]

The Brain Game: The Search for Neuroinflammation in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

An inflammatory process (neuroinflammation) almost certainly plays a major role in the development of many neurological diseases. Andrew Lloyd has pointed out that the symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome (and fibromyalgia)  are "brain symptoms"'; i.e. they are flu-like symptoms produced by the Read more [...]

Reborn II: Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Inflammation

A recent blog featured the story of a woman who recovered from severe fibromyalgia using vagal nerve stimulation. This blog features, if anything, a even more remarkable story of recovery from a different angle; this time the patient suffered from severe, crippling inflammation. With a Read more [...]

Male Trouble: the Testosterone Connection in Fibromyalgia

Testosterone, women and fibromyalgia? Could a male hormone be causing trouble in FM? The primary male sex hormone, testosterone promotes the growth of the male sex organs and helps produce the increased muscle, bone mass, body hair  and deeper voices seen in men. Testosterone may be Read more [...]

Tipping Point? The Stanford Chronic Fatigue Initiative’s Big Year Is Here

We are at the tipping point in our scientific pursuit to identify the biomarkers and central abnormalities of ME/CFS. Several treatment interventions will stem from our work and that of other institutions. We believe that by applying the appropriate methodology and technology, we will be able to conquer Read more [...]