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Looking Back and Looking Forward: Health Rising Begins New Era in 2014

Taking Stock - A Year Later About a year ago Health Rising rose out of the ashes (:)) and began.  Two hundred and twenty blogs and over 200,000 visitors and 720,000 pageviews later, we can say it's a pretty darn good year. Traffic has steadily risen over time and we expect that to continue. 2014 ME/CFS Read more [...]

Bringing Relief to Many: the B-12/Folate ME/CFS/FM Crowdfund Trial Begins – Peterson/Kogelnik on Board

Opportunities abound to make a difference in ME/CFS, but the Open Medicine Institute  (OMI) may have hit on the quickest way to do that for the most people.  Could a simple, inexpensive treatment provide more energy for many?What if an effective, relatively inexpensive and readily available Read more [...]

Looking Up Down Under: Center for Neuroimmunology and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Opens at Griffith University In Australia

PHANU (now the Center for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases), was doing well at Bond University, but then Griffith University, spying a hot research group with a future, grabbed them up.  (Dr. Klimas found herself in much the same boat with Nova Southeastern University. It makes one hopeful Read more [...]

Black Friday, the Holidays, Prohealth, IGiving and More – Support Health Rising By Shopping Online

PROHEALTH The only nutritional support company created by someone with chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia, we're very happy to be affiliated with Prohealth. Founded by an ME/CFS patient, Rich Carson, Prohealth has dedicated 10% of its profits to ME/CFS support for decades, and this year Prohealth's Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Practitioner Review Program Requests Beta Testers

Finding a good practitioner is hard - and so is avoiding a bad one. We're mostly running blind as we go from one practitioner to the other, hoping that one of them is going to know something about chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia. We want to cut out the guesswork, save you precious Read more [...]

The ‘Double Your Money’ Health Rising Matching Challenge

Thanks to everyone who's helped Health Rising to receive $175 in new recurring donations monthly over the past 3 days and to those who've provided valuable  single donation support. Matching Donation Opportunity Five dollars a month just got a bit bigger. In a first for Health Rising, one Read more [...]

The Five Dollar a Month Challenge For Health Rising

Lots of organizations from National Public Radio to the Canary in a Coal Mine film are asking for support these days, but we're  different - because we're asking for so little. We're enjoyed our five-dollar a month November challenge to keep Health Rising going and growing so much that we're Read more [...]

Producing Results: The Simmaron Research Foundation’s Special Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Project

SIMMARONS NATIONAL INSTITUTES of HEALTH PROJECT Hundreds of precious samples from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)  patients sit frozen in the NIH's sample repository.  Gathered by ME/CFS experts during the  big XMRV study, many are from long-term, highly debilitated patients.  They are the Read more [...]