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Excluding Factors: Jason Critiques the IOM Definition for ME/CFS

Clearly, issues concerning reliability of clinical diagnosis are complex and have important research and practical implications. Jason et. al In the beginning of his overview on the IOM definition and name change Jason notes the numerous false starts and botched definitions that have plagued chronic Read more [...]

Definitions Matter: Aussie ICC/Fukuda Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study Raises Questions

The more specific requirements of the ICC however, may select patients that are less clinically diverse. This could improve detection of immunological findings in CFS/ME. Study authors. How much of a difference the International Consensus Criteria (or any definition) makes is a major question in chronic Read more [...]

Strong Core of ME/CFS Experts Bodes Well for IOM Clinical Definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

IOM in Control Once the statement of task and budget are finalized, the committee works independently to come to consensus on the questions raised. Up to now the DHHS has been in charge.  Now it was the IOM's turn in spotlight. Once the statement of task and budget are finalized, the committee Read more [...]

Deliverance or Disaster? The Canadian Consensus Definition Petition Conundrum (Take the Poll)

When 26 patient organizations and advocates sign a letter urging the government to do something it's time to sit up and take note.  Alot of good, smart and effective people support the move to press the federal government to use the Canadian Consensus Criteria (CCC)  in all their programs. The Read more [...]

Redefining ME/CFS? CDC Chief Reveals First Fruits of Multi-Center Doctor Study at FDA Stakeholder Meeting

(Are different ME/CFS doctors seeing different types of ME/CFS patients. Would closely examining those patients reveal the elusive subsets researcher have been talking about for decades? At the FDA Workshop on April 26, Dr Elizabeth Unger, head of the CDC's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome programme Read more [...]

Are the Canadian Consensus and International Consensus Criteria Broken? Study Suggests Both May Select for More Psychiatric Patients

The Canadian Consensus and International Consensus Criteria are much beloved by the chronic fatigue syndrome community and it's easy to see why; after decades of dealing with a vague definition, people with ME/CFS could finally see themselves in a definition for the first time. Created from within Read more [...]