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Predisposed to Inflammation? CDC Zeroes In on Innate Immune System

Thousands of small alterations in our genes exist.  This propensity for genetic experimentation has helped the human race adapt and thrive.  Many never have an impact. Others may be helpful in some situations and problematic in other situations, and some, often in combination with other gene variations Read more [...]

The HPV Vaccine, POTS and ME/CFS and FM – Is There An Issue?

Through their ability to virtually eradicate infectious diseases such as polio, smallpox and measles, vaccines have produced incalculable good over time. Measles is a case in point. In 1958, 763,094 cases of measles were reported in the U.S.:  in 2008 less than seventy were.  Recent research suggests Read more [...]

Huge Advance in Viral Detection Could Benefit ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

FM and ME/CFS are often triggered by infections but concluding the role pathogens play in these illnesses has been difficult. It just got a whole lot easier. A Harvard researcher recently published a widely lauded paper that describes a quantum leap in researchers ability to assess the influence Read more [...]

Novel Immune Booster and Antiviral Agent Uncovered

Natural killer cells appear to be the ground zero for the immune dysfunction found in chronic fatigue syndrome.  These cells are, as their name implies, killers.  They're called "natural" killer cells because in contrast to cytotoxic T-cells which need to be activated to fight infections, NK Read more [...]

The Chicken or the Egg? Stanford Study Suggests Immune Problems are Made Not Born

“The immune system has to think on its feet" Mark Davis It's the classic question: the chicken or the egg? What determines your health more - your genes or your environment? A major study by renowned Stanford immunologist Mark Davis suggests that at least with regard to the immune system - it's Read more [...]

Simmaron Spinal Fluid Study Finds More “Immune Exhaustion” in ME/CFS

In the most comprehensive study of immune factors in the cerebral spinal fluid ever done in ME/CFS, Mady Hornig and Ian Lipkin reported finding dramatic differences in ME/CFS patients. The results of the Simmaron Research Foundation /Chronic Fatigue Initiative study suggested that an extensive immune Read more [...]

“An Immune Mediated Brain Disorder”: Mady Hornig and Llewellyn Kin

“I think of ME/CFS as one of these (immune-mediated) brain disorders” Llewelyn King has done over 70 ME/CFS Alert video’s and for his 73rd he interviewed Dr. Mady Hornig. It was a timely interview given the recent immune study she and Ian Lipkin recently published. See Your Clock Was (Is) Read more [...]

Triggering Effects: Andrew Lloyd on Infections, Genes and Getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

(In the second of a series of blogs of presentations on the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) Conference in September of this year, Simon tackles Dr. Lloyds fascinating talk on the how infections trigger chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks for Simon’s and Action for ME for allowing us Read more [...]