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The Monster Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pathogen Study Results Are In…..

Dr. Ian Lipkin surprised everyone on the CDC's Conference call yesterday when he presented many of the results from the two major pathogen studies involving the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Initiative and Dr. Montoya at Stanford. These studies, easily the most rigorous of their type ever attempted Read more [...]

Viral Study Suggests Treatment Options for Twenty Thousand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

If the virus situation in ME/CFS with its possibilities of aborted, endogenous or just plain hidden viruses wasn't enough, now perhaps comes the strangest twist of all; ME/CFS patients infected with one herpesvirus that's been integrated into the DNA of every cell in their body, and another Read more [...]

New More Effective Approach to Herpesvirus Infections Could Spell Relief for ME/CFS Patients

Herpesviruses are different; once you get infected - and everybody has been infected with them - you're pretty much stuck with them for life. Usually they're humbled by the immune system but if they roar back into life those bugs can cause enormous damage. Some researchers and physicians believe Read more [...]

Brain Drain: Common Infections Could Help Explain the Brain-fog in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

People with unexplained chronic fatigue and pain disorders tend to be pretty 'foggy'.  People with chronic fatigue syndrome  contend with 'brain fog', people with fibromyalgia battle 'fibro-fog' and post-cancer fatigue patients -  they have 'chemo-fog'.  Thinking clearly is not definitely not Read more [...]

Study Suggests Retroviral Activation/Autoimmunity Possibly Linked in ME/CFS: Dr. Lombardi of WPI Talks

This study looked at broken up bits of old retroviruses called  Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERV's) that have been collected over time in our DNA and probably used successfully. (Did you know you were part retrovirus?). Most of these old retroviruses are too broken and mangled to do anything Read more [...]

Chronic Lyme er..Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Pivotal Study Suggests Similarities

The Disappearing Pathogen Puzzle There's no doubt that Lyme is a serious threat. Approximately 20-30,000 people get Lyme disease from deer tick bites every year. Untreated the bacteria can cause heart, neurological problems and arthritis. Treated, the symptoms usually do  disappear but not always. Read more [...]

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