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The Human Condition: Hijacked by Disaster – the Last Best Cure #6

“… No matter what our story, we’re all in the same boat, handling upriver, against the swift current of our thinking.” - Donna Jackson Nakazawa In 2001 Donna Jackson Nakazawa - a journalist and mother - was paralyzed in a sudden onset of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune disease similar Read more [...]

Playing Catch With Your Thoughts – In Mid-Air: The Last Best Cure

This is the sixth in a blog series as we follow Donna Jackson Nakazawa in "The Last Best Cure" as she incorporates mind/body practices into her life in order to experience more joy and better health after having  a severe autoimmune disorder.  Playing Catch with Thoughts in Mid-air “By putting Read more [...]

“Gimme Some Loving”: Mindfulness in the Midst of Illness – The Last Best Cure #6

About ten years after being struck by an autoimmune disorder, science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa realized that, while traditional approaches (drugs) had kept her alive, hers was nevertheless a rather joyless, difficult existence.  Recent studies suggested that mindfulness practices might Read more [...]

Alps to Climb: Lab Tests and Clinic Workup Suggest Big Trials Ahead – the Last Best Cure Pt. III

“It’s an alp to climb, to see if we can combat this all with state of mind” What do we know about Donna thus far? We know she was a very athletic mother and journalist before waking up one day paralyzed with a bout of Guillain-Barre syndrome.  We know that she partially recovered, but that Read more [...]