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Constant Vigilance: Julie Rehmeyer’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story

(Julie Rehmeyer has experienced the ups and downs of Chronic Fatigue like few have. After years of gradual deterioration her health took an enormous and mysterious dive when she awoke one morning in 2006 barely able to walk.  Six years later after work with an ME/CFS specialist failed to provide Read more [...]

A ‘Different World': A Mold Avoidance Success Story From Giles Meehan

We rarely put mold in the 'pathogen' category, but mold is an organism - a fungus - that produces toxins that can evoke strong inflammatory responses in our bodies and even in our brain. Earlier this year we heard how extreme mold avoidance helped Joey Tuan.  (I saw and shook hands with Joey at Read more [...]