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From A Brain Asleep To Leptin to Inflammation – Watch the Stanford Symposium on ME/CFS on Video

Stanford did it right. They produced video's of the March 2014 Stanford  Symposium  on ME/CFS and now they're giving us access to them - for free. Some of the most exciting findings in years came out in the Symposium. They include Dr. Unger's excellent introduction to epidemiology in Read more [...]

“Mom Needs To Lie Down Now”: Four Women, One Doctor on ME/CFS – A New Short Film From Canada

Featuring a doctor and three patients and lasting all of eleven minutes long, this Canadian film just out might be ideal to help your family and friends understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a bit better. People who could be your neighbor anywhere describe the human experience of having chronic Read more [...]

Turning Point: Pregnancy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Four Mothers Who’ve Been Through It Talk

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.....has made me a better mother when it comes to nurturing and loving and ...supporting" ME/CFS mother Pregnancy. Talk about a major decision. It takes boldness to have a child when you have a chronic illness life ME/CFS and doing so raises major questions. In this panel Read more [...]

Jumpstarted: The Kickstarter Campaign Phase II: Making Real Their “Big Crazy Vision” For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is our moment - Jennifer Brea An extroardinary response from the ME/CFS community enabled the backers of the 'Canary in a Coal Mine' to meet their campaign in goal ($50,000) in just three days. That response knocked Jennifer Brea over - literally (see below) - but it exposed a flaw in her's and Read more [...]