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“Is it Time To Give Up Trying?” Thoughts at Age Seventy From ‘A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle’

I felt particularly sick for a long time before our trek out west from New Jersey– woozy and aching and listless – and liable to crash miserably after almost anything, like unloading the dishwasher or washing and blow-drying my hair. Maybe, as my husband hypothesized, anticipation of the Read more [...]

Nuturing: Family and Friends – “A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle” # 14

Are You My Mother? One of the first books we read to our sons was by P.D. Eastman called Are You My Mother?  A mother bird, wearing her white polka-dotted red head scarf or babushka as a symbol of family life, leaves her unhatched egg alone in its nest while she flies away in search of food. Alas, Read more [...]

No Stone Unturned: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle #12

More Medical Maneuvers Even after the not-so-successful chronic fatigue doctors, alternative doctors, and Lyme Literate doctors, and as other health issues arose, my Odyssey continued.  Dr. Beatrix Roemheld-Hamm, internist in a family practice associated with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Read more [...]

The Odyssey: Fourteen Years of Doctors. . . and Counting – A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle

“I would have been better off with a good village witch doctor than any of the so-called professionals who ‘took care’ of me for the first 15 years of my disease, all of whom did great harm to my mind, body and spirit.” Jamie Deckoff-Jones, MD  Odysseus took ten years to return home Read more [...]

Images from the First Year: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle – Part II

(The realization that she may be in this for the long haul and  job issues hit Carol hard as parts of her life begin to get peeled away in Pt. II of A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle - Cort)  "But You Don't Look Sick": Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle Pt I In the early months, from Read more [...]