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ATP, Hydrogen Sulfide, Natural Killer Cells and the Heart: The ME/CFS Associations ME/CFS Experts Video Series is Back!

The ME/CFS Association in the Netherlands brings its De Meirleir video series to an end with its 20th video on Testing in ME/CFS.  After Dr. De Meirleir their ME/CFS Experts video series is moving on to Dr. Visser, a cardiologist (see below). Congratulations on a well-done series! Find the text Read more [...]

Treatment and Hope: Dr. De Meirleir on 20 Years of Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Hope for the Future

The next topics in the  ME Associations De Meirlier ME/CFS experts video series were two big ones; 'Treatment' and 'Remedy and Hope'.  You can't hope to cover the panoply of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) treatments in a short video but the ME Association team pointed Dr. De Meirleir in some Read more [...]

Science For Patients Video Series #4: Dr. De Meirleir on Sleep

Dr. DeMeirleir's fourth video in ME/CFS Vereniging's (ME/CFS Association) 'Science for Patients' video series is on sleep. Like the others in the series the production values are excellent and a dialog box provides an English translation. Dr. DeMeirleir starts off with the interesting fact Read more [...]

Study Suggests Retroviral Activation/Autoimmunity Possibly Linked in ME/CFS: Dr. Lombardi of WPI Talks

This study looked at broken up bits of old retroviruses called  Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERV's) that have been collected over time in our DNA and probably used successfully. (Did you know you were part retrovirus?). Most of these old retroviruses are too broken and mangled to do anything Read more [...]

‘Science For Patients’ ME/CFS Video Series Begins: “Is ME/CFS A Real Disorder?”, “Is It Diagnosable?”, and “Is it Hereditary?”

The Dutch group organisation ME/CVS Vereniging is creating a  professionally produced video interview series with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) researchers and doctors. The first series will feature no less than 20 video's from Belgium doctor and researcher, Dr. Kenny DeMeileir.  Since Read more [...]