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Report From San Fran V: Defining Moments – Dr. Leonard Jason on the House of Cards in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A talk on definitions might not seem to be the occasion for one of the more passionate and exciting presentations of the conference, but it was. Lenny Jason is convinced that getting the definition right is absolutely critical for the future of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and he's passionate about Read more [...]

Experts Expand Efforts to Stop IOM Contract: Wanda Jones to Step In – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Definition Controversy Continues

The thirty-five is now fifty... Instead of being mollified by the DHHS working document, the effort by ME/CFS experts to rescind the IOM contract to produce a clinical case definition has actually gathered steam. The fifty ME/CFS experts signing the letter now include Dr. Lily Chu, Dr. Kenneth Read more [...]

Feds Snub Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community…Again: Cut Experts Out, Fund Outside Group to Redefine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Feds announced they've  reversed their decision to stop the contract with the IOM to produce a definition for doctors and are continuing forward..........End of conversation. The ME/CFS experts have been cut out; career  bureaucrats are making the decisions now. This is weird and unsettling Read more [...]

Redefining ME/CFS? CDC Chief Reveals First Fruits of Multi-Center Doctor Study at FDA Stakeholder Meeting

(Are different ME/CFS doctors seeing different types of ME/CFS patients. Would closely examining those patients reveal the elusive subsets researcher have been talking about for decades? At the FDA Workshop on April 26, Dr Elizabeth Unger, head of the CDC's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome programme Read more [...]