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The Chicken or the Egg? Stanford Study Suggests Immune Problems are Made Not Born

“The immune system has to think on its feet" Mark Davis It's the classic question: the chicken or the egg? What determines your health more - your genes or your environment? A major study by renowned Stanford immunologist Mark Davis suggests that at least with regard to the immune system - it's Read more [...]

New More Effective Approach to Herpesvirus Infections Could Spell Relief for ME/CFS Patients

Herpesviruses are different; once you get infected - and everybody has been infected with them - you're pretty much stuck with them for life. Usually they're humbled by the immune system but if they roar back into life those bugs can cause enormous damage. Some researchers and physicians believe Read more [...]

Brain Drain: Common Infections Could Help Explain the Brain-fog in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

People with unexplained chronic fatigue and pain disorders tend to be pretty 'foggy'.  People with chronic fatigue syndrome  contend with 'brain fog', people with fibromyalgia battle 'fibro-fog' and post-cancer fatigue patients -  they have 'chemo-fog'.  Thinking clearly is not definitely not Read more [...]

Rituximab Watch

Norway Says 'No Go' to Further Fluge/Mella Rituximab Funding It's kind of inexplicable. Fluge and Mella put Norway on the map of the chronic fatigue syndrome community in a big way, and stimulated interest and efforts from the US to Australia yet the Norwegian Government just announced their proposed  Read more [...]