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Ending My Hunger Strike with Accomplishment

Dear Friends, We, as a community, accomplished some very important things during the last few weeks, and so I am ending my hunger strike tonight. I am committed to working with our federal health agencies to bring a stronger focus and program to bear on ME/CFS for all of us. The most important Read more [...]

FDA Denial of Ampligen Exposes Out of Touch Agency; Hemispherx to Appeal

Hemispherx released a statement on Monday indicating the FDA had denied their application of Ampligen to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) because of lack of   'substantial' proof of efficacy and (rather ominously) because  they did not have enough data to assess safety concerns. The Read more [...]

ME/CFS Advocate Begins Hunger Strike For Ampligen Approval

Bob Miller has been to the Vice President's office, he's had one and one meetings with the Director of the NIH, he's canvassed politicians on the Hill - he's thrown everything he can into the fight to get this disorder recognition - but this time, the issue - the probable FDA rejection of Ampligen Read more [...]