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‘Science For Patients’ ME/CFS Video Series Begins: “Is ME/CFS A Real Disorder?”, “Is It Diagnosable?”, and “Is it Hereditary?”

The Dutch group organisation ME/CVS Vereniging is creating a  professionally produced video interview series with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) researchers and doctors. The first series will feature no less than 20 video's from Belgium doctor and researcher, Dr. Kenny DeMeileir.  Since Read more [...]

Quick Hits from Dr. Klimas’ NSU Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Clinic Opening: Tweeting the Conference

Some quick hits from the daylong celebration of the opening of  Dr. Klimas  Institue for Neuro-Immune Medicine  at Nova Southeastern University. The full blog of the day will be posted on the Simmaron Rising page on the Simmaron Research Foundations website. Dean Opens the Celebration 26 Read more [...]

A Look Back at 2012 Pt. II: Research Review

Backdrop 2012 was graced by the publication of roughly 102 research and treatment  studies on chronic fatigue syndrome  in scientific journals.  (This figure does not include letters, theory papers, reviews…) One hundred and two  research and treatment studies sounds like a lot.  That Read more [...]