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Report From San Francisco II: Dr. Komaroff’s Video Summary of the IACFS/ME Conference

Dr. Komaroff's summary of the IACFS/ME conference is always a highlight. Traditionally the last official presentation of the conference, Dr. Komaroff uses his decades of experience to put the findings of the conference into context. This is is the first time, to my knowledge, Dr. Komaroff's Read more [...]

FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Pt: II: the VOTE and Aftermath

Check out Part I of this series ('FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen Pt I: Dueling Presentation Set Stage for Critical Vote') on the Simmaron Foundations Website here  The Vote While the FDA statistical team was highly critical of the drug, the FDA put together a Committee  that Read more [...]