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Conversations for Coping: Prayer, Peace and Dealing with Upsets in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

After all the doctors and all the treatments, 'coping' is what many of us are left with. The drugs may help, the diet may help, the supplements may help, but the core of the disorder with its considerable physical, emotional and mental impact  remains, and few of us are probably ready to deal with Read more [...]

Life (ME/CFS/FM) Is Tough…..Deal With It: A Zen Approach to Chronic Illness – Part I

(You know I love provocative titles :)) Chronic illnesses are no fun but the way life's set up somebody is going to have them- hopefully somebody else, for sure -  but that's not anything we can dictate. I recently came across an essay called 'Life is Tough: Six Ways to Deal With It" by Zen teacher Read more [...]