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Mosquito’s, Ticks and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Tea-Time at the Simmaron Research Institute

Clusters or outbreaks first put ME/CFS on the map over twenty years ago. The clusters are still occurring - every infectious outbreak from Giardia to SARS leaves behind set of ME/CFS-like patients behind - but they've rarely been studied in ME/CFS. The Simmaron Research Institute is putting Read more [...]

Producing Results: The Simmaron Research Foundation’s Special Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Project

SIMMARONS NATIONAL INSTITUTES of HEALTH PROJECT Hundreds of precious samples from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)  patients sit frozen in the NIH's sample repository.  Gathered by ME/CFS experts during the  big XMRV study, many are from long-term, highly debilitated patients.  They are the Read more [...]

Lyme Literacy: A ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronicle’ Pt. VI

 Dr. Eugene Eskow, family practioner and my first Lyme doctor, Flemington, New Jersey Sometime in 2002, three years after the flu shot that did me in, I received a phone call from Carol Mekjian, a woman I had known before she moved from Highland Park with her husband, a physics professor, and two Read more [...]