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Marijuana, the Microglia and Reducing Nerve Pain

The microglia in the brain and spinal cord are getting more and more interest in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Given their roles in producing both neuropathic pain and neuroinflammation it's hard to believe they're not involved in producing the pain and fatigue in FM and ME/CFS. Neuropathic Read more [...]

Successful Low Dose Naltrexone Fibromyalgia Trial Points to Safe, Low Cost Therapy; Implications for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In this second of two studies by Stanford researchers on  low dose naltrexone's effectiveness in Fibromyalgia (FM), LDN was found to  significantly reduce pain and improve mood and quality of life.  About 60% of study participants reported pain reductions of at least 30%. Sleep and fatigue were Read more [...]