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“Comprehensive, Rigorous and Deep” – Is Stanford Going to Solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The Other Davis The ME/CFS community got some tough news recently with the AHRQ report finding fault with most ME/CFS diagnostic and treatment trials. We had some good news, too, when we saw a top immune researcher at a top lab, Derya Unutmaz, applying cutting edge technology to ME/CFS patients. Now Read more [...]

From A Brain Asleep To Leptin to Inflammation – Watch the Stanford Symposium on ME/CFS on Video

Stanford did it right. They produced video's of the March 2014 Stanford  Symposium  on ME/CFS and now they're giving us access to them - for free. Some of the most exciting findings in years came out in the Symposium. They include Dr. Unger's excellent introduction to epidemiology in Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Making Inroads at Top Medical School: Montoya’s ME/CFS Initiative at Stanford Grows

"It's exciting to partner with you to explore one of the most baffling medical mysteries of the 21st century, chronic fatigue syndrome" The Stanford Chronic Infectious Illness Initiative led by Dr. Jose Montoya began in 2010. If they've been quiet lately, it’s not because they haven’t been Read more [...]