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Hearing Requested for Denial of Treatment For ME/CFS

 Take Action       Patients Needed:               PART 1: Instructions to Take Action  To All ME/CFS –S.E.I.D. Patients, Family and Friends, As most patients know the IOM and NIH P2P have released some positive findings in our disease. While there Read more [...]

Speaking to Power: Dr. Peterson in Sweden, ME/CFS Patients in the Netherlands Take it to the Parliament

(Dr. Peterson speaks to the Swedish Parliament and years of effort in Holland culminate in the delivery of a petition to have ME/CFS be considered and treated as a biomedical disease in blogs by Anne Ortegren and Esme de Groot.) Dr Peterson in Sweden by Anne Ortegren Dr Peterson and Gunnar Read more [...]

Docs Talk Shop at Simmaron Round-Table; Dr. Peterson, Dr. Klimas and Dr. Enlander on Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It's not often that ME/CFS luminaries such as Dr. Peterson, Dr. Klimas and Dr. Enlander sit down in public to talk about their approaches to ME/CFS treatment but that's exactly what happened at the Simmaron Round-table held at the FDA Workshop earlier this year. Check out why Dr. Peterson Read more [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Docs Talk Shop at the Simmaron Foundation Roundtable: Part I

What happens when you get three of our most experienced physicians together in a Roundtable setting and have patients lob questions a them?....Lots of interesting discussion. Check out Part I of a series on Simmaron's FDA Roundtable meeting as Dr. Peterson, Dr. Klimas and Dr. Enlander talk about Read more [...]

FDA Stakeholder Workshop in Trouble? FDA Disavowal of ME/CFS Expert Sows Concern

The FDA has somehow missed the fact that Dr. Daniel Peterson is an ME/CFS expert clinician/researcher. For over 30 years now, Dr. Peterson has been treating ME/CFS patients in Incline Village, Nevada, with a variety of treatments. Earlier today ME/CFS patients were told that FDA has not invited Dr. Read more [...]

FDA Scientific Stakeholder Workshop Needs Your Input

Dear Patients, Patient’s Loved Ones and Friends, Since I ended my hunger strike, I have learned that the FDA has sent invitations for the ME/CFS scientific stakeholder workshop scheduled for April 25-26th. The FDA hasn’t disclosed who it is inviting, and did not solicit input from patients. You, Read more [...]