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The Most Important ME/CFS Treatment Trial Ever Begins: Fluge and Mella on the Rituximab Trial

The most important treatment trail in the history of ME/CFS has begun. Take a close look at the huge Rituximab trial that could change how ME/CFS is treated and viewed as Fluge and Mella tell us about it, the many substudies embedded in it and why they think ME/CFS may be an autoimmune disorder in Read more [...]

The Under Financed ME/CFS Research Field, Pt II: Why it Takes 20 Years to Get 1 Year’s Research Done

As things stand right now, one could say that it takes 20 years to get 1 year’s worth of ME/CFS research done. Why? Because the level of funding allocated for ME/CFS research is 20 times lower than that of comparable diseases. See “The Underfinanced ME/CFS Research, Pt I - Facts and figures Read more [...]

Treatment and Hope: Dr. De Meirleir on 20 Years of Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Hope for the Future

The next topics in the  ME Associations De Meirlier ME/CFS experts video series were two big ones; 'Treatment' and 'Remedy and Hope'.  You can't hope to cover the panoply of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) treatments in a short video but the ME Association team pointed Dr. De Meirleir in some Read more [...]

The Year Ahead in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

We're stuck in the doldrums as the federal level with little funding and little support but that doesn't mean  stagnation. With several major studies wrapping up 2013  will be a very important year for this disorder. Check out some of the events and studies to look forward to this year. FDA Decision Read more [...]