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Advocates Rebuffed: CDC Whiffs On Opportunity to Prove Reduced Exercise Capacity Present in Major Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study

  Advocates Rebuffed In July, eleven ME/CFS groups and thirty-one advocates requested the CDC use the two-exercise protocol in phase two of their multi-site study. Their letter stated: The two-day CPET regimen known as the Stevens Protocol provides gas exchange and other objective and measurable Read more [...]

Redefining ME/CFS? CDC Chief Reveals First Fruits of Multi-Center Doctor Study at FDA Stakeholder Meeting

(Are different ME/CFS doctors seeing different types of ME/CFS patients. Would closely examining those patients reveal the elusive subsets researcher have been talking about for decades? At the FDA Workshop on April 26, Dr Elizabeth Unger, head of the CDC's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome programme Read more [...]

FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Pt: II: the VOTE and Aftermath

Check out Part I of this series ('FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Ampligen Pt I: Dueling Presentation Set Stage for Critical Vote') on the Simmaron Foundations Website here  The Vote While the FDA statistical team was highly critical of the drug, the FDA put together a Committee  that Read more [...]