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  1. Mary Silvey, RN
    May 08 - 7:42 pm

    Thank you, Cort for helping patients prepare for this very necessary testing. I have done it several times, and was always emotionally impacted to see my own test results, as it is visible at times in a lab. I hope that more facilities will become involved in providing the equipment needed for honest and infallible documentation needed. We all have to have a baseline to start with, and it can even improve with certain guidance and small efforts. It is not easy, and those who have a history of good aerobic exercise are usually aware that ‘somethings changed’ within their own physiological abilities. Maintaining a walking schedule has helped me, and a quick pulse count before and after is good to document. Patients can assist their physicians with this type of journal, and it can include many other areas, as suggested. Mary C.

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